S8E8: The One with the Stripper

Friends 8×8

The One with the Stripper

Chandler finds out that Monica had a bachelorette party with a stripper, even though they promised not to have bachelor/bachelorette parties. Rachel takes Phoebe along to dinner with Rachel’s dad, because she is afraid her dad will be really angry when she tells him she’s pregnant. Mr. Green is delighted to hear he will be a grandfather, but freaks out when he finds out that Rachel isn’t getting married – so she just tells him that Ross won’t marry her. Monica feels bad about having had a bachelorette party, so she organizes a bachelor party including a stripper for Chandler. Joey is the only “guest”, because Ross has a date with Mona that night, and Chandler is embarrassed and doesn’t really want to have the party at all. The stripper arrives, but turns out to be a hooker. Mr. Green goes to see Ross to yell at him – but unfortunately for Ross, Mona is there, too, so they both start yelling at him. Rachel explains everything to her dad and to Mona, who makes up with Ross.

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